Constitution land

The virtual amusement park for people who love the US CONSTITUTION!

The World of Justices

 Welcome  to Constitutionland's world dedicated to the  brilliant, not-so-brilliant, mediocre, and down right crappy Supreme  Court Justices who continue to give the Constitution life with their  opinions.  Located in the center of the park (at the end of Preamble Street)  visit the main attraction, a 1/5th replica of the US Supreme Court  Building.  Inside is an institutional history of the United States  Supreme Court.  Just behind it, you'll see our most popular  attraction...the MARBURY-GO-ROUND...a  journey through the life of William Marbury. Be sure to also visit  TEXTUALISM, the World of Justices' Jurisprudential Philosophy.  You  can't miss's the giant book behind the Marbury-Go-Round. Take a  picture with Mr. Textualism before you leave!   Meet some of your  favorite Chief Justices in the (audio-animatronic) flesh at THE HALL OF  CHIEF JUSTICES. Do you have a beef with any particular justice?  Or is  there one justice who you like more than any other and you want the  world to know it?  Visit RATE MY JUSTICES and get it off your chest. 

What  child hasn't dreamed of having breakfast with Chief Justice Fred  Vinson?  In Constitutionland, your dreams come true.  Have BREAKFAST  WITH THE JUSTICES...enjoy some ham, eggs and Charles Evans Hughes to  start your day.  While we are on the topic of Supreme Court Justices,  you have GOT to see the BEST OF JOHN MARSHALL...a study of the top  decisions of  the greatest Chief Justice to ever walk on the planet  earth.  Cases are discussed at various levels and for various age  groups...including a special "J.Marsh Wrote It" section for teens.

Are  you ready for lunch? Well, the World of Justices features some of the  best snacks in Constitutionland.  How about a burger at WARREN'S  BURGERS?  Or a chili dog and fries at FELIX'S FRANKFURTERS?  If meat is  not your thing try MURPHY'S MEATLESS TREATS...a restaurant  with vegetarian alternatives named in honor of our most famous  vegetarian Supreme Court Justice, Frank Murphy. 

The Marbury-Go-Round

Visit the audio-animatronic journey through the life  of William Marbury.  Enter your "Carbury", a replica of the Supreme  Court Bench circa 1804, and prepare yourself to journey back to 1800 and  see the world through the eyes of William Marbury...