Constitution land

The virtual amusement park for people who love the US CONSTITUTION!

The World of Injustice

 Welcome  to an entire world devoted to ignorance and intolerance.  Why would  there be a world that focuses on the injustices and inequalities in  American society, both in history and today?  Injustice is the greatest  force in the legal evolution of the United States  Constitution. Injustice is a key ingredient in American Democracy...often, it is the first ingredient. Without the constant struggle of those  who were not considered among "We the People" the Constitution would  not be what it is today. 

America  was founded when a few people stood firm against the inequities  suffered by them as colonists.  Taxation without representation was only  the first cry of many.   The flag of dissent was carried on, by the  Quakers, by abolitionists, by former slaves, by discrete and insular  minorities, by communists, by gays and lesbians...and it continues to  wave.  Visit the GREAT DISSENTERS RIDE to see this time-honored  struggle.

So, Constitutionland would not be complete without the World of Injustices...our tribute to the oppressed of yesteryear.

Begin your journey in JIM CROW VILLAGE...a  town where you will find re-creations of every form of segregation from  the 19th and early 20th centuries. Be careful what color shirt you are wearing...that will determine which restaurant or bathroom has been set aside especially for you so that you won't mingle with the population.  Surrounding the village is the  LAZY RIVER OF OPPRESSION...a meander  down the intolerant rivers of America's past.  Just sit back in your inner tube and enjoy the warm waters of the lazy river, with a dose of cold reality at every turn! While you ride on the  river, look off in the distance and you will  see a small island set  off alone.  That is the DISCRETE AND INSULAR ISLAND...a tribute to the  most famous footnote in Constitutional law. The Lazy River leaves you  off at the NIGHT OF THE LIVING CONSTITUTION...a  haunted mansion that houses the central jurisprudence in the World of  Injustice.  Take a picture with the LIVING CONSTITUTION GUY during your  visit. 

 Do  you like roller coasters and infamous Supreme Court decisions that spark Civil Wars and kill over half a million people?  Then see if you can conquer the DRED SCOTT-O-TWISTER...the  biggest coaster in Constitutionland.  Ride the twists and spins and  thrill in horror as you sit in the place of Dred Scott and watch his  (and your) world  turned upside down.  Would you like to get to another  part of Constitutionland?  Jump on board BUSSING...but be  have no idea where or how far away you will find yourself.

If you feel hungry while  in the World of Injustice, you have plenty of options...perhaps a burger  and milk shake at CAROLENE PRODUCT'S SKIMMED MILK SHAKES or some hot  bread or sweet treats baked by overworked and underpaid bakers at  LOCHNER'S HOME BAKERY.

If you have been lucky enough to never be the victim of ignorant intolerance and blind hatred, well, the World of Injustice is your big chance to know what it's like to be a second class citizen. You will never see more immoral, illogical or ignorant intolerance in any other amusement park. Enjoy your stay! And keep your thoughts of decency, your belief in what is morally right and desire for equality inside the vehicle at all times.

Over the Rainbow

Do you want to get out of this intolerant place?  Check back here to see our ride that shows the journey to freedom and's a long road that some are still traveling on. Check it out....coming soon. Stay tuned!