Constitution land

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Sociological Jurisprudence Kiddie Park

 Welcome  to the world where the "on the ground" effects of laws and court  decisions rule.  This fun-filled land just for kids looks to how statistics, studies and  sociological analyses create their own jurisprudence.  It all started  with Muller v Oregon and a brief submitted by a young attorney named  Louis Brandies... immortalized in history as the Brandeis Brief.  Come  aboard the audio-animatronic ride BRANDEIS'S BRIEF ENCOUNTER where a puppets show you how  one lawyer helped towards creating a new jurisprudence.   You'll love seeing our puppet Louis Brandeis have his strings pulled, although it's really Brandeis pulling the strings of the entire American Jurisprudence System.

Don't sit for a minute, you have so much more to  learn!  Your next stop is BROWN V. BOARD OF ED'S FOOTNOTE 11, a cartoon that tells the story of the most controversial footnote in the 20th century. A footnote that joins  together the two key ingredients for FUN...Sociology and the Law!  

Do you have time to take the kids on a a ride or two? Hop on the Bar Chart Drop or the Spinning Pie Charts for some fun-filled excitement.  

Don't stop the party now...stop off at the LEGAL  REALIST CAFE for An Evening with the Legal Realists...your children will  not be able to contain their excitement when they enjoy their chicken  fingers and mac and cheese with our very own Cardozo, Brandeis, Llewellyn, Cohen,'s a veritable hall of fame of legal scholars and smorgasbord  of classic kids food.

Rest assured, you will be dragging your little ones out of this amazing land just for them. Don't be surprised if  you hear your kids shouting the next morning "I want to have dinner with Benjamin Cardozo again!!!"