Constitution land

The virtual amusement park for people who love the US CONSTITUTION!

Journey through the Fourth Amendment

A Railroad Ride through the Searches of Yesteryear

Sit back in your railroad car and enjoy some  of the great searches and seizures, both constitutional violations and  proper searches, which have led to modern Fourth Amendment case law. 

The Intersetion of Terry Street and Mapp Avenue

Your train will take you down this intersection named in memory of John W. Terry (of Terry v. Ohio fame) and Dollree Mapp (Of Mapp v. Ohio fame) where you will find a  city block filled with stores,  apartments, street corners, cars, phone booths, schools, etc... that  have seen some famous searches.  Do you wonder what Officer McFadden saw  at the corner of Huron Road in Downtown Cleveland?  Relive October 31, 1963 to see this most famous search. Watch as police bust in on Mrs. Mapp's house. And don't look now but there's Charles Katz placing bets in a phone booth. All your favorite fourth amendment characters come to life!

Great Fourt Amendment Oral Arguments

Finally, your train car passes through scenes from some of the most famous fourth amendment arguments made before the US Supreme Court.

Flippy the Dophin's Warrantless Search

 Do you like dolphins and illegal searches?  Head for the Aquatic Mammals Center,  pull up a metal bench and enjoy FLIPPY THE DOLPHIN'S Warrantless  Search.  Just because dolphins are the most intelligent life forms of  the sea, does not mean they are above violating constitutional rights!  

The Private Life and Loves of Maxwell the Manatee

If you are more of a manatee man (like me) you will enjoy THE PRIVATE LIFE OF MAXWELL THE MANATEE. Learn  the history of the right to privacy with our little cartoon friend  Maxwell, who moves from the peace and quiet of the everglades to the  prying eyes of the big city.