Constitution land

The virtual amusement park for people who love the US CONSTITUTION!

Bill O' Rights Village

What Constitutionally inspired theme park would be complete without a historical village depicting the violation of every right in the Constitution?  Bill O' Rights Village introduces and violates all of the rights from the first ten amendments to the Constitution. 

THE FIRST AMENDMENT RIVER BOAT CRUISE will take you through scenes depicting all of the rights in the first amendment in practice.

Take a ride on the the RAILROAD THROUGH THE SEARCHES OF YESTERYEAR to watch the fourth amendment being violated.

In the DON'T DO THE CRIME WILD COASTER you will experience the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth amendments in action as you join some famous criminals exercising the famous rights of the accused in a wild and crazy roller coaster through the streets of America. 

States' rights may be dead in America but they are alive and well in Constitutionland!  Check out the lost ninth and tenth amendments before they disappear completely.

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Rides Under Construction

Our Jurisprudineers are hard at work creating the FIRST AMENDMENT RIVER BOAT CRUISE and the JOURNEY THROUGH THE FOURTH AMENDMENT...stay tuned!