...where the Constitution meets cotton candy.


...where the Constitution meets Cotton Candy!!!

In determining the constitutionality of the new Health Care Reform Act the Commerce Clause will be centrally important; click the Commerce Clause link for its full history from prior to the Constitutional Convention to the most recent decisions. 
For an in depth analysis of the first and most famous Commerce Clause decision, check out Gibbons v. Ogden

A MESSAGE FROM THE CHIEF JURISPRUDENEER:   You are about to explore the first generation of Constitutionland. Not unlike the U.S. Constitution, the worlds that you will discover are evolving.  What you see now, descriptions of the worlds and a few rides, is the tip of the iceberg. Fear not, soon you will be able to stop off for a dog at Felix's Frankfurters, a strawberry shake at Carolene's Skimmed MilkShakes or a chocolate chip muffin at the Lochner Home Bakery during your break from the More Perfect Union Research Center. Please enjoy your stay...and...of course...keep your hands and arms in the vehicle at all times.

Have a Jurisprudential day! 

Chief  Executive Jurisprudeneer Peter M. Carrozzo.

Constitutionland is a virtual amusement park for people of all ages who love the United States Constitution. A place for both constitutional scholars and fans who want to enjoy an intellectually stimulating environment and the fun of a theme park, Constitutionland is filled with rides, exhibits, historical re-enactments, shows, games, theatrical productions, the world’s biggest copy of the Constitution, a convention center and state-of-the art research centers.  

Constitutionland is comprised of 8 themed lands:

1) Preamble Street - Your gateway to Constitutionland themed around the most famous preamble.

2) The World of Justices
 - A salute to the justices who have interpreted the Constitution for two centuries.

 The World of Injustice
 - A place where you can see firsthand the tragic injustices of yesterday (and perhaps today?).

 Original Intent Land
  -A salute to the legislators and people
 who write the laws...what were they thinking?

5) Sociological Jurisprudence Park
Where the "on the ground" effects of laws and court decisions rule!

6) Separation of Powers Land 
Fun with federalism!  Check (and balance) it out!

7) Journey through the Fourth Amendment
- A land dedicated, in practice and philosophy, to that all important amendment.  You can "SEARCH" your whole life to find a land that will "SEIZE" you this much!

8) Bill O'Rights Village
- A celebration of the first ten amendments to the Constitution.  
At Constitutionland it is our mission to educate our guests about every aspect of the Constitution...

...THE IDEAS, far-sighted and noble concepts of equality and self-representation that are the very foundation of this revered document;

...THE FOUNDERS who saw the potential of the United States of America  and put aside regional and philosophical differences to create a greater whole;

...THE JUSTICES who expounded the Constitution breathing life into the foundational principals...perhaps too much;

...THE PEOPLE who were discontent with their lot in the old country and left for an unknown land;

...THE VISIONARIES who dreamed of a new land where no one is superior to anyone else;

...THE OPPRESSED, UNREPRESENTED, DISENFRANCHISED and DISSATISFIED whose struggle and courage brought the change desperately needed by the Constitution to embody "we the people" in fact and in principle;

Constitutionland is a place where all ages can celebrate our one combined heritage as Americans...and where people from across the world can see first hand how the US Constitution, the grand daddy of all constitutions, was created and continues to evolve.

If you have any questions, suggestions, criticisms or comments, if you would like to add artwork or create any rides, if you would like to become a jurisprudeneer or contribute in any other way, drop me a line: webmaster@constitutionland.com. 

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