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We the People: The American Journey


Have you ever wondered what the phrase "We the People" means? Who does it include?  "We the People: the American Journey" attempts to answer that question.  Upon boarding the People's Vehicle (a car shaped like an immigrant ship), you will embark on a journey down the various Main Streets of America, in various places and during various times through history.  Quickly, you see that there is not a nation, people, religion, culture, race, ethnicity, tribe, idea, culinary taste, music, or variety of humanity that is not represented in our nation in the 21st century.  In history, it was quite the contrary.

Your ride begins in Philadelphia, June, 1787, at the Constitutional Convention.  At first glance, "We the People" really should read "We the white protestant landowning men with all the stuff in America."  Gradually, you will drive forward through history and see people from every inch of the globe arrive in America (or in some cases, be dragged into America) and populate a new world.  Through each decade's census, you will realize that eventually the melting pot of America (or mixed salad depending on what decade you learned it) did not exclude any place on earth.  You will also appreciate how people who have lived in America for centuries (and in the case of Native Americans, for longer than everyone else)  slowly join the Constitutional family and become one of "We the People."  

Of course, there have been plenty of times when "We the People"  has not matched up to so lofty a vision of liberty as is depicted in this optimistic journey...fear not, you will see those moments in the World of Injustice.  But, "We the People: The American Journey" is a celebration of the idea America strives to attain.  Perhaps it is not always fulfilled, but it is vital that the effort continues as long as there is an America

So, sit back in your People's Vehicle and watch this celebration of the "People" all to the tune of Constitutionland's theme song "We the people!"  At the end of the ride, be sure to reflect on the great words of Justice Frank Murphy in his dissent to Korematsu v. The United States.  There have been few greater expressions of what it means to be an American in our history:

"All residents of this nation are kin in some way by blood or culture to a foreign land. Yet they are primarily and necessarily a part of the new and distinct civilization of the United States. They must, accordingly, be treated at all times as the heirs of the American experiment, and as entitled to all the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution." 

-Korematsu v.
United States (Dissent) Justice Frank Murphy, December 18, 1944

We the People: the American Journey Features:
     1. Statistics from each census depicting the evolution of We the People

    2. A giant digital world map where everyone who visits We the People can add his or her home town

    3. A forum for our visitors to explain what they believe is meant by We the People

    4. We the People mugs, t-shirts, action figures, wallets, invisible dog leashes, giant pencils, beer helmets with straws, huge felt cowboy hats, etc...at the gift shop.  (Note: as in all rides at Constitutionland it is mandatory you walk through the gift shop in order to exit!)

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