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Original Intent Land

Welcome to Constitutionland's salute to the men and women who created and continue to create the law.  Original Intent Land is a world where we celebrate this famous jurisprudence that looks into the minds of the draftsmen of laws, whether it's the founding fathers who wrote the Constitution, the first federal congress which drafted the bill of rights or any future congress of the United States

Start your visit at the CONSTITUTIONAL RE-CONVENTION...a place where you can revisit the original Constitution and act as a founding father or mother by making proposals and amendments of your own.  Next, visit IT'S A WONDERFUL CONSTITUTION, a journey that looks at what America would have been like had the US Constitution never been created. 

The jurisprudence of Original Intent would not be possible without the sources.  THE ORIGINAL InTENT is our collection of the primary source material that archivists and legal historians pour through in order to delve into the minds of the draftsmen.  Follow along as the Official Librarian takes you on a journey which he explains how the sources are used.  As an attachment to the Original InTent, jump on the primary source river with some FUN WITH MAX FARRAND...an excursion  with the great archivist of the records of the federal convention.  Perhaps you are a fan of old English Common Law.  Well, just outside the Original InTENT is YE MERRY OLDE ENGLISH LEGAL HISTORY...a Dickensian Village where you can get lost in a pub and a volume of William Blackstone.

If you like the Great Dissenters Ride in the World of Injustice, you will love the GREAT ORATORS RIDE.  Come along and meet some of the greatest advocates to argue before the Supreme Court throughout history.  Are you a thrill-seeker?  If so, Original Intent Land has some of the most fun rides in all of Constitutionland.  Spend your afternoon at REVOLUTIONARY AMUSEMENTS and  relive the Boston Tea Party with a spin on the Boston Tea Cup Ride or jump on a rollicking ride through the Boston countryside with America's favorite silversmith on the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. 

If you would like a bite to eat, go no further than the STATUTORY INTERPRETATION DINER...a 1950s inspired greasy spoon that focuses on the numerous ways statutes are analyzed.

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