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The Hall of Chief Justices
Pardon our appearance...construction is not yet complete.  Soon you will be able to visit with the 17 Chief Justices of the United States.  Introducing the stars of our show:

JOHN JAY                                      (1789-1795)
JOHN RUTLEDGE                     (1795)
OLIVER ELLSWORTH              (1796-1800)
JOHN MARSHALL                     (1801-1835)
ROGER B. TANEY                       (1836-1864)
SALMON P. CHASE                    (1864-1873)
MORRISON R. WAITE               (1874-1888)
MELVILLE W. FULLER         (1888-1910)
EDWARD D. WHITE                (1910-1921)
WILLIAM H. TAFT                    (1921-1930)
HARLAN F. STONE                    (1941-1946)
FREDERICK M. VINSON         (1946-1953)
EARL WARREN                           (1953-1969)
WARREN BURGER                    (1969-1986)
WILLIAM REHNQUIST            (1986-2005)
JOHN G. ROBERTS JR.                (2005-Present)

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