...where the Constitution meets cotton candy.

Bill O' Rights Village

What Constitutionally inspired theme park would be complete without a magical village of fairies, pixies, rainbows, leprechauns and the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution?  Bill O' Rights Village is an enchanted land where each amendment is presented for our guests to experience and learn about. 

FIRST AMENDMENT FREEDOMS will take you through the history of the rights preserved by that all important amendment.  The BEAR ARMS SHOOTIN' GALLERY brings you to the center of one of the biggest feuds in constitutional law.  In DON'T DO THE CRIME... you will experience the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth amendments in action as you join some famous criminals exercising the famous rights of the accused. 

States' rights may be dead in America but they are alive and well in Constitutionland!  Check out the lost ninth and tenth amendments before they disappear completely.

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